Improved Grenades
Etw military ordnance improved grenades
Requires None
Building Needed Cannon Foundry
Leads To Explosive Shells
Stream Ordnance, Military
  • Improves the effectiveness of grenades
Improved Grenades is a Technology in Empire: Total War.


Advances in ironworks and in the development of more reliable fuses can be applied to that most dangerous of hand-held weapons, the grenade. Grenades are dangerous weapons to their users as well as enemies. Premature detonation is always a risk, one that will probably kill and certainly maim the grenadier and anyone else nearby. There is also a need for a grenadier to throw the grenade further than its explosive killing radius! By making the hollow case thinner and being careful with the powder composition in fuses, it is possible to make grenades slightly safer for the user. Historically, grenades were for the strongest and largest soldiers. It was rightly assured that a big chap could throw a cricket ball (baseball) sized grenade at a distant enemy. The weight of a dozen grenades in a pack was not a trivial load. Flintlock grenade throwers were developed: these had very short, wide barrels and used gunpowder to launch the grenade - a man-portable mini-mortar! The need to load a musket, light a fuse and fire at an enemy promptly before the grenade exploded made them tricky (and nerve-wracking) to use.

General InformationEdit

As its name implies, Improved Grenades improve the effectiveness of grenades utilized by grenadiers and hand mortar units. The Ottoman Empire begins the Grand Campaign with this technology already researched. Once a Western European nation researches improved grenades, they are able to recruit grenadiers.

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