Improved Grape Shot
Etw military navy improved grape shot
Requires Canister Shot
Building Needed Naval Board
Leads To Carronades
Stream Naval, Military
Improved Grape Shot is a Technology in Empire: Total War.


Grape shot turns a naval cannon into a giant blunderbass, delivering a devastating blast of man-killing shot into a target.

Grape shot is usually a canvas bag that contains a large number of small cannon balls. These are usually larger than the musket balls used in canister shot for land-based artillery, as they are expected to blast through wooden ships. Indeed, a part of their terrible killing effect comes from the fact that they not only spread out from the gun barrel when fired,but also shatter the target into equally deadly splinters. "Splinter" in this case can mean a lethally pointed piece of wood as long as a man's shorts!

Improved grape shot puts the killing balls into a cylindrical container with wooden base or "sabot" (shoe), that acts as a poison when the cannon fires.Improved grapeshot can therefore can do even more damage to the crew of a target.

Historically, a broadside of grapeshot from HMS Swallow killed the infamous pirate Batholomew "Black Bart" Roberts in 1722. However, grapeshot was normally used to "rake" enemy ships by firing into the bow or stern. With no transverse bulkheads to absorb any damage, few would survive such an attack.

General InformationEdit

Simply put, Improved Grape Shot increases the lethality of Grape Shot. Such an improvement is marginal, however, and the most significant benefit of researching this technology is probably the unlocking of more naval technologies.

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