The Imperial Palace is a government building in Empire: Total War
Imperial Palace

In-game picture of the Imperial Palace


A palace that is almost beyond magnificant, intended to be the envy and amazement of the world.

All places are intended to overawe and intimidate those who seek an audience. The scale of everything is monumental and slightly inhuman, providing the ultimate stage for the public exercise of absolute power. This palace is the external realisation in marble and gold and the fundamental truth that here is a sovereign lord who has no limits: nothing is beyond his ambition. The entire resources of the state can be spent to create such a palace, if desired, if it costs a thousand lives, no matter. Within the walls, the palace is a world within a world, where offical prequisites are jealously guarded and fought over, even as the officals scurry to carry out their master's every wish.

Historically, such as the Winter Palace in St Petersburg, Russia, and the High Porte, the private court of the Ottoman Sultans, were almost small towns in themselves. Their grandour still inspires admiration and amazement, even today. From the Tsar and the Sultan downward, there was a strict hierarchy with everyone plotting and counter-plotting to keep or gain status. Even the servents "below stairs" had their own pecking order.


  • Level 5
  • 6 Turns to Build
  • 6000 Coins


  • Requires Royal Palace, Absolute Monarchy
  • +5 to Repression in the region
  • +15% coin bonus to region tax income
  • Recruitment capacity (units in training) : 3
  • Recruits basic infantry

General InformationEdit

Along with its Republic and Constitutional Monarchy counterparts, as well as the Royal Palace and its respective equivalents, the Imperial Palace may only be built in the capital region of a faction. Unlike the Royal Palace, the Imperial Palace additionally may only be built in regions holding major (multiple-building) cities. 

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