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Hussars Icon
Belongs to All European Factions except Great Britain
Type Melee Cavalry
Weapon(s) Sabre
Soldiers in each unit 45
Melee Attack 9
Charge bonus 13
Defense skill 6
Morale 6
Produced from Drill School
Special abilities Good Stamina
Cost 910
Upkeep 270
Turns to Train 1
Unit Cap None

Hussars are a type of melee cavalry in Empire: Total War.


Hussars are light cavalry, used to skirmish and for scouting ahead of an army.

These superb horsemen are a force that can be used as a screen by the main army, or for strategic scouting to locate the enemy. They are armed with curved sabres and smoothbore carbine muskets. Their gaudy, almost popinjay uniforms should not lead enemies to underestimate them as mere dandies – these are trained, disciplined and dangerous soldiers.

Hussars have a certain swashbuckling attitude towards the business of warfare, and the bandit origins of the Hungarian “huszárok” are certainly evident. Even non-Hungarian hussars cultivate a slightly barbarous air, and little private or enemy property is safe when they are around! Oddly, they are also unusually democratic, and troopers expect to be consulted by their officers before attacking the enemy, again probably a legacy of their brigand heritage.

Historically, many nations adopted hussars after the Austrian type proved successful, and military fashions were also influenced by the hussars’ splendid and elaborate uniforms. Hussar uniforms became slight caricatures, but remained very fashionable and popular, particularly with ladies – perhaps it was the very tight breeches that were so appealing.

General InformationEdit

Hussars are light cavalry that can be recruited by most European powers. They can outrun nearly any other unit due to their superb stamina, but their poor defense means that they are at a heavy disadvantage if bogged down in a pitched melee.

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