Hunting Techniques
Etw wc hunting techniques
Requires The Warpath DLC


Building Needed Council of Elders
Leads To None
Stream Economy and Culture, Native
  • +25% Bonus to Fur Production
  • Enables building of Chief's Lodge, Warrior Society, Fur Trading Post
Hunting Techniques is a Technology in Empire: Total War. It is available only with The Warpath Campaign Downloadable Content.


Better hunting and care of the land increases income from fur trapping.

Men hunt to feed their families, their tribe. These skills are valuable, too, for the trade goods that they provide. Europeans will barter anything for furs. Therefore, any small improvement in the way the tribe conducts its hunts is welcome, and profitable.

Each tribe had tactics tuned to the surroundings and the animals they hunted. The Plains people perfected techniques for hunting bison: a band of warriors would scare the herd into a stampede towards a cliff. The animals would fall over the edge, being pushed over by their stampeding herd-mates. As a way of hunting, this was very effective, and very dangerous: warriors could be gouged to death if the stampede did not go as planned.

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