Hunting Ground is a military building in The Warpath Campaign in Empire: Total War
Hunting Grounds

In-game picture of Hunting Grounds


A large area inhabited by a variety of wild animals hunted for the meat and pelts.

Hunting is a way of life, and the methods and techniques used have been handed down for generations. The seaons play a huge role in the way hunting parties operate: in autumn when the grasses are dry, fire is used in hunting. Once a herd of animals is located a large arc of fire is started while, the hunters pick the animals as they run from the flames.

The re-introduction of the horse into the Americas meant that tribes could hunt over a greater range for extended periods of time. On the Great Plains, some young braves you pursue buffalo for months on end.


  • Level 0
  • 2 Turns to Build
  • 500 Coins


  • Spawns Scouts. Maximum Number: +1
  • Recruitment Capacity (units in training) : 1
  • Enables Research of Ironworking
  • Recruits basic Native American infantry
  • Enables Games Field

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