The Great Museum is a cultural building in Empire: Total War
Great Museum

In-game picture of Great Museum


This splendid structure is a celebration of national greatness, celebrating the progress of a country towards its current perfection.

Some objects in the collection are the spoils on war, gifts from travelers, the items collected on the whims of past rulers, and intriguing curios from around the world. This is, in many ways, the national equivalent of a savant's "cabinet of curiosities": a miscellany of interesting things, collected simply because they were interesting. The other half of the collection is a clear demonstration of national prowess in all fields, be that a piece of intricate machinery, a work of superlative craftsmanship, the largest cannon in the world, and so on. It is understandable if a certain chauvinism creeps into the enterprise, it is an exercise in national trumpet-blowing!

Historically, private museums and displays had developed from the collections in "cabinet of curiosities", and some of these had ended up as government or royal property. The world-famous British Museum began this way, when Sir Hans Sloane's collection was left to George II so that it could be preserved for the nation. Now a wonderful collection of antiquities, the Museum was intended to be a universal collection, and had natural history, geology, and science exhibits.


  • Level 3
  • 5 Turns to Build
  • 3500 Coin


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