The Great Estates are farm buildings in Empire: Total War
Great Estates (Corn)

In-game picture for Great Estates used for Corn or Wheat


The largest estates can have a huge acerage turned over to the pleasure of their owners. Pleasure in a carefully manicured nature is secondary to the need to make money!

The largest estates are a statement of wealth, complete with dazzling palace-like grand houses in the latest styles and built without thought to the expense. Landowners and the great nobility vie with each other to produce not just homes, but idealized landscapes around them. Where the terrain is not dramatic enough, it is ruthlessly reorganised to suit the owner's tastes. In the interests of art and beauty the workers, their homes, and their farms are removed from the land.

Historically, a group of landscape architects in Europe completely remodelled many country estates into idyllically perfect vistas for their clients. They created the fantasy of a natural landscape, improving on what was there to make entirely "artificial" (and this is not a term of disapproval at the  time) parkland dotted with romantic ruins and gothic follies. In the process, men like Lancelot "Capability" Brown remade hills, flooded valleys, moved rivers, destroyed entire villages and displaced people without mercy. Many of these amazing houses and gardens still exist today, if only as tourist attractions.
Great Estates (Sheep)

In-game picture of Great Estates used for sheep


  • Level 3
  • 3 Turns to Build
  • 1000 Coin


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