The Global Trading Company is a commerce port building built in Empire: Total War
Global Trading Company

In-game picture of Global Trading Company


A massive enterprise controlling a nation's trade to one part of the globe, or in certain commodities.

Trading companies can be enormous, with fleets of armed merchant ships carrying all manners of cargo. The successor to the medieval adventurers, they generate fantastic wealth from their operations. Usually granted a government monopoly in either a geographical area or in a set of trade goods, the companies can also act as a privatised diplomatic service in distant corners of the globe. They are known to do deals with local potentates for trade concessions, military access, tax farming and they have taken over native governments by imposition their "advisors."

Historically, the great East India companies of Britain, France, and the Netherlands were armed, quasi-independent mercantile mini-states. The British East India Company was wealthy almost beyond imagining: its trade represented about one-sixth of the British national income. Like the French "Compagnie Francaise pour le commerce des Indes Orientales" and Dutch "Vereeningde Oost-Indische Compagnie", the "John Company" has its own fleet and army. In India it fought wars and had its own foreign policy, giving the British government little choice but to support its actions. In modern times only petrochemical, mining and arms companies have commanded considerable power over nations.


  • Level 3
  • 5 Turns to Build
  • 10000 Coin


General InformationEdit

The Global Trading Company is the only type of trading port that can train more than one ship at a time, allowing them to construct trading fleets twice as quickly. However, the utility of this is doubtful at best considering the lateness in which this structure can be constructed.

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