The Games Field is a military building in The Warpath Campaign in Empire: Total War
Games Field

In-game picture of Games Field


A formal training area for tribal warriors to perfect battle skills and learn necessary discipline.

Protecting family and land is the first responsibility for a young warrior. Learning weapon skills during the hunt gives a man the skills of a fighter; learning to fight alongside others makes him a useful warrior, and a credit to his tribe.

Historically, warriors used the bow and arrow with astounding skill, thanks to constant hunting. Other daily tools such as the hatchet-like tomahawk were useful in war too. Oddly, in some tribes it was the custom to bury tomahawks once a war was ended (hence "bury the hatchet"). The tribes, however, never developed an organised approach to warfare to match that of the European invaders.


  • Level 1
  • 3 Turns to Build
  • 1000 Coin


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