The Fur Market is a fur resource building in Empire: Total War.
Fur Market

In-game picture of Fur Market


There is almost an insatiable demand for fur. Pelts are traded for trinkets and manufactured goods, including firearms. Trade in furs is highly profitable, and almost any item can be parlayed into a good deal for pelts. Shipping fur back to the home market can be more of a problem, as transport in the wilderness relies heavily on finding navigable river routes. By 1700, the Hudson Bay Company was well established and expanding its operations into previously French-dominated territories. It had been set up in 1670, in London, by a royal charter to trade with the natives of Canada. The company traded English wool blankets to the native tribes in return for beaver pelts, and became the de facto colonial British government in Canada. Some of its trading posts become sites of substantial fortifications. In this, it matched the East India Company's success in the East. It did much better than the EIC in surviving to the present day; the again, the EIC had a spectacular lack of success in persuading Mughal India to take heavy woolen blankets as trade goods!


  • Level 1
  • 3 Turns to Build
  • 2500 Coin


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