A Foundry is a military building in The Warpath Campaign in Empire: Total War

In-game picture of a foundry


A foundry is an advanced site for metal production and weaponry; superior arms improve units that can be recruited by the tribe.

The foundry furnace improves the quantity and quality of metal; guns can be created and adequate barrels can be made. The Warrior Society units that are furnished with such guns enter battle with confidence in, and knowledge of, in their weapons. This greatly enhances their utility on the battlefield.

Foundries and ironworks were established in America as early as 1619. The earliest example discovered so far was the Falling Creek iron works, established by the Spanish. It included the first blast furnace in America, and a water wheel that was powered by the nearby James River falls. The ironworks met its end in the summer of 1622 when the Powhatan tribe, led by Opchanacanough, organised a series of raids on the James River area. Falling Creek was burnt to the ground.


  • Level 5
  • 7 Turns to Build
  • 3000 Coin


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