Experience is a gameplay mechanic in Empire: Total War.

General InformationEdit

Units gain experience based on the number of kills they obtain. The precise number of kills needed to advance in experience depends on the regiment settings the player plays Empire: Total War on. Units that have suffered losses in battle may lose experience when they are replenished with green troops, especially if the losses are heavy.

Experience is shown as a small symbol on the top right of the unit card; on the battlefield, it is displayed on the small red flag just under a regiment's faction flag. Up to nine levels of experience (not including the base level) can be obtained. Each level of experience grants +2 accuracy, +1 reload skill, +1 attack and +1 defense. In addition, every odd level of experience grants +1 to morale. Melee units do not benefit from reloading skill and accuracy bonuses; ships do not gain benefits to attack and defense bonuses.

Some training centers can train units that already have some experience by default. Line Infantry trained at an Army Staff College, for example, enter the game with one chevron of experience. Factions with a unique army building (France, Prussia, Poland-Lithuania, and the Maratha Confederacy) further benefit from one additional chevron of experience for those units that benefit in terms of experience from upgraded training centers.

Ship experience is gained through killing crew; damaging hulls and sails through Round Shot or Chain Shot grants no experience whatsoever. Ship experience is carried through capture; a captured four-chevron Fifth Rate, for example, retains its experience after it changes hands. 

Experience Level Accuracy Bonus Reload Skill Bonus Attack Bonus Defense Bonus Morale Bonus
1 2 1 1 1 1
2 4 2 2 2 1
3 6 3 3 3 2
4 8 4 4 4 2
5 10 5 5 5 3
6 12 6 6 6 3
7 14 7 7 7 4
8 16 8 8 8 4
9 18 9 9 9 5

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