European Doctrine
Etw military army european doctrine
Requires None
Building Needed Drill School
Leads To None
Stream Military, Military
European Doctrine is a Technology in Empire: Total War. It is available only to the Ottoman Empire.


The European way of organising armies and training soldiers is fashionable because is has been successful on the battlefield.

The wholesale adoption of a completely new military model in troop types, drill, tactics, deployment, strategy, supply, fortifications and force organisation is a wrenching change for any Medieval or Renaissance-style army. The military "doctrine" of European powers is not so much a formalised approach to the business of making war, but a collection of practical solutions that have been found to work in many battles in many wars on many continents. From basic ideas such as the equipment carried by an infantryman, to sophisticated concepts of star fortifications, European methods have been forged in the crucible of war!

Historically, the Ottoman Empire had an army that was old fashioned, even in 1700. The "New Soldiers" of the janissary corps had ossified military thinking in a very conservative fashion, and intended to keep fighting as they had done for centuries. The rest of the world had moved on. A military treaty with Revolutionary France (a nation desperate for allies) began the process of updating the Ottomans' "new model army", based on then-current Western military thinking.

General InformationEdit

This technology allows for the recruitment of powerful Nizam-I Cedit Infantry, Nizam-I Cedit Light Infantry, Nizam-I Cedit Rifles, and Mounted Nizam-I Cedit, effectively leveling the playing field the Ottomans share with the European nations, whereas previously they could only recruit inferior troops such as Isarelys and Bashi-Bazouks.

Although research of European Doctrine can commence with the capture or construction of a Drill School, an Army Vizierate (Middle-Eastern equivalent of an Army Board, two tiers higher than a Drill School) must be constructed or captured to train the units that this technology unlocks.

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