Diamond Formation
Etw military army diamond formation
Requires Wedge Formation
Building Needed Military Academy
Leads To Shortened Carbines
Stream Military, Military
  • Enables cavalry diamond formation. This replaces the wedge formation
Diamond Formation is a military Technology and a cavalry formation in Empire: Total War.


An improved method for positioning and manoeuvering a cavalry unit, so that it may change direction with expedition.

A diamond formation, as the name suggests, is a way of employing all the men of a cavalry unit to best effect. Rather than being arranged as a simple wedge, the point towards the enemy, the unit tapers off from its broadest point. Even though the riders may be knee-to-knee to maximise the shock of impact should a charge connect with a target, a diamond-formed unit can change direction quickly. This is not true with the earlier cavalry wedge,the members of which find any kind of wheeling turn difficult to execute.

Historically, the Swedes were among the leaders in European cavalry tactics at the start of the 18th Century; King Charles XII was all in favour of closely packed, large cavalry formations that he believed that those would break the enemy by fear alone. There was debate among military men in other nations too: in Britain the Duke of Marlborough favoured his cavalry charging home with cold steel, rather than relying on fear or bullets to do their terrible work.

General InformationEdit

Wedge Formation is a prerequisite to researching Diamond Formation. Research of Diamond Formation allows access to Shortened Carbines.

Diamond Formation is a defensive upgrade for cavalry. Unlike the Wedge Formation, the cavalry form a complete diamond shape, with both axis pointing in both front and back directions, which is good when cavalry are being surrounded.

Diamond Formation increases the responsiveness with which cavalry can react to orders of changing directions. However, their charge bonus is weakened. In addition, it takes some time to organize a cavalry regiment into a diamond formation (during which they can find it difficult to reposition)


Diamond formation

Two Austrian cuirassier regiments in Diamond Formation