A Commercial Basin is a commerce port building in Empire: Total War
Commercial Basin

In game picture of the Commercial Basin


With the addition of exchanges, shipping agents, custom houses, even more warehouses and even more docks, a basin becomes an economic powerhouse.

A commercial basin opens up new opportunities for trade, as agents now put together cargoes and charter vessels for merchants who would otherwise be unable to trade. Money, rather than sea experience, became the driving force for success, and trade does not need to go through the basin to make money for the men of property!

The infamous triangle of trade between Bristol and Liverpool in England, Africa, and the Caribbean sugar islands is probably one of the most profitable trade routes ever invented. Manufactured goods, guns, cloth and trinkets went to Africa, where they were traded to the local warlords. Slaves, carried in the most horrendous conditions imaginable, made up the cargo for the middle run, across the Atlantic. In the Caribbean, the survivors were sold, and the ship loaded with sugar and rum for the run back to Britain. There was some handsome profit in each leg, and the ships were never idle. Even better, the merchants of Bristol and Liverpool never needed to see the suffering their commerce caused, always assuming that they cared.


  • Level 2
  • 4 Turns to Build
  • 5000 Coin


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