The Cobbled Roads are an infrastructure building built province-wide in Empire: Total War
Cobbled Roads

In-game picture of Cobbled Roads


These are hardwearing roads paved with small stones, able to take much heavy traffic.

Building a cobbled road is an incredibly labourous business. Each small paving stone must be shaped, placed, and mortared into position. If done properly, the road also requires foundations, a careful camber to carry rain water, and extensive drainage on either side. The end result is a fine road that is extremely durable, but not entirely comfortable for carts, carriages or foot traffic: cobbles can be hellishly bumpy!

Historically, the expense of cobbles, and the fine-looking result of cobbling a street, meant that there were only used in or near towns for high status routes where the great and the good could not be expected to wallow in mud like poor people. Cobbles, however, did serve the poor in another way, they were the perfect size for rioters! Levered out of place, they were the ideal thrown weapon (along with the half-house brick or "brickbat") for a bit of informal demonstrating with any nearby unwelcome representatives of law and order.


  • Level 0
  • 2 Turns to Build
  • 750 Coin


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