The Church School is a a religious building in Empire: Total War
Church School


The Church has always needed educated men to fill its ranks. It is also important to teach the True Faith to the children of the wealthy.

In a time where basic education is not a right but a bought-and-paid-for privilege, the education provided by Church Schools was often good, as well as being the only option. There is, of course, a Scriptural emphasis in what is taught, but the sons of merchants, nobles, and the wealthy can gain a good grounding for life and, possibly, further education. A few gifted pupils may be offered charitable scholarships, but these are few and recipients are never permitted to forget that they should be showing appropriate gratitude. Patronage must always be appreciated!

Historically, learning has been the preserve of the established Church in many countries. A priest was both tutor and confessor in many communities and households. It also made sense for the Church to control access to education, for that way heresy and dissent could be stamped out early. For non-conformist preachers, offering education to paying clients was also a way of subsidizing their meagre income and spreading the Word of the Lord in the process.


  • Level 0
  • 2 Turns to Build
  • 500 Coin


  • +1 Happiness for the Lower Classes that belong to the faction religion
  • Converts the populace to the faction religion
  • Spawns religious agents. Maximum number: +1
  • Requires Town
  • Enables Jesuit CollegeChapter School

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