Etw military navy carronades
Requires Improved Grape Shot
Building Needed Naval Board
Leads To Rifled Cannons
Stream Naval, Military
Carronades are a Technology in Empire: Total War.


This weapon is a short-barrelled, muzzle-loading cannon that can be mounted on the upper decks of a warship.

Carronade differ from the normal warship "long guns" by having a shorterned barrel, relatively to the weight of shot. Short barrels require reduced gunpowder charges; large charges would be wasted because they would not have time to burn properly. This gives a reduced muzzle velocity, less recoil, and a lighter weapon. As a further benefit, carronades require fewer gunners to fire them. There is, however, a tactical price to pay: carronades are short-range weapons. In close, but only in close, they can do fearful slaughter.

Historically, the carronade was developed by the Carron Company of Fife, Scotland. It was a huge success initially, as the weight of shot more than made up for its short range, 68-pounder carronades were quite easily carried aboard even small ships. HMS Victory carried 68-pounder carronades as part of her armament: one raking round shot and a load of 500 musket balls did terrible slaughter on the gun deck of the Bucentaure at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

General InformationEdit

Research of Carronades becomes available only when Improved Grape Shot has been researched. This technology unlocks the ability to construct Carronade Frigates, and increases National Prestige. It is also a prerequisite for Rifled Cannons.

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