Etw military army carbines
Requires None
Building Needed Army Encampment
Leads To Wedge Formation
Stream Military, Military
  • Enables Carbines. This allows the recruitment of carbine-wielding cavalry units
Carbines are a military Technology in Empire: Total War.


A carbine is a smoothbore musket, lighter than a standard infantry weapon, for use by Cavalrymen.

An infantry musket fires a ball about the width of a man's thumb: a pound of lead is melted down to make about 10 or 12 rounds. A carbine fires a smaller ball: some 15-17 rounds from the same amount of lead. This smaller bullet does slightly reduce its killing potential, but the reduction in recoil when fired from horseback is welcome. A carbine is, however, just as long as a regular infantry musket, something that makes it awkward to reload while mounted. A carbine is often fitted with a sling-and-swivel to attach it to a Cavalryman's shoulder belt, so that it cannot be lost while riding at speed.

Historically, there was some debate over whether or not regiments of horse should be equipped with firearms at all. John Churchill, the Duke of Marlborough, favoured Cavalry using cold steel against the enemy. He felt that the morale impact of a Cavalry charge was more important than any marginal increase in firepower. As a result, his Cavalrymen received a tiny allocation of three rounds apiece - for the whole of a campaign season, not each battle!

General InformationEdit

Research of Carbines allows access to many types of missile cavalry and mounted infantry, such as Pindari Horsemen and Light Dragoons. As missile cavalry are very potent on the battlefield, this is a worthy technology to consider; however, it is available at the same time as many other important military technologies, including Plug Bayonet and Canister Shot; researching one usually means delaying another.

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