The Brandenburg Gate is a unique building in Empire: Total War. It may only be constructed by Prussia. It must be constructed in their capital region.

Brandenburg Gate


This is a magnificent monument to Prussian military prowess and the peace it obtained.

Sited on one of the original city gates of Berlin, the Brandenburg Gate stands at the end of the Unter den Linden, the original approach to the city palace of Frederick II, the King of Prussia. The monumental entrance was always intended to overawe and dwarf anyone going to the palace, making clear Prussian greatness before they had even begun their audience with the monarch.

The choice of a Classical style was quite deliberate, as it was intended to echo the achievements of Rome and Greece. The decoration of a Quadriga of Victory, or four-horse chariot, is also intended to evoke ancient connotations of triumph, specifically the quadriga from the Hippodrome of Constantinople. It was definitely a symbol of peace through strength, which is almost certainly one of the reasons that it was looted and taken to Paris by Napoleon in 1806 after his victory at Jena-Auerstedt. The quadriga was returned in 1814 when Napoleon went into exile on Elba and given the Iron Cross symbol that it currently carries. Subsequently, the Brandenburg Gate managed to survive two World Wars and the Cold War in a relatively undamaged state.


  • Level 6
  • 8 Turns to Build
  • 10000 Coin


  • Requires Army Staff College
  • +1 Happiness (Lower Classes)
  • +1 Happiness (Nobility)
  • Enhances National Prestige
  • Recruitment Capacity: 4
  • Recruits all Cavalry and Infantry
  • Built by Prussia as the highest military building in their capital region.

General InformationEdit

Along with the Arc de Triomphe, the Ajinkyatara and the Akademia Szlachecka Korpusu Kadetow, the Brandenburg Gate is one of the few unique buildings that serve as an upgrade over existing military buildings. In addition to unlocking the 2nd Hussars for recruitment, the Brandenburg Gate grants all units that gain experience for being recruited at military centers (such as Line Infantry, Regiment of Horse and Dragoons) an extra chevron of experience.

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