Basic Steam Pump
Etw industry metal basic steam pump
Requires None
Building Needed Iron Workshops
Leads To Coke Blast Furnace
Stream Metal Industry, Industry
  • -10% to cost of constructing metalworking buildings
  • -10% to cost of constructing mines
  • Leads to Steam-Pumped Gold, Iron and Silver Mines
Basic Steam Pump is a Technology in Empire: Total War.


This is steam-powered mechanical contrivance allows the easy drainage of mines, among other tasks. Practical "steam engines" that can do useful work offer many advantages over other sources of power such as animals and waterwheels. A beam engine that harnesses the pressure of steam to work a mechanical pump can be used to pump water out of mine workings either more effectively or from greater depths. In both cases, the profits of the mine are greatly increased.

Historically, there were several almost-abortive attempts to create a "steam pump", with most of the early efforts carried out by engineers in Cornwall, England. This county was rich in many mineral ores, and landowners were prepared to pay handsomely for profitable innovations. Captain Thomas Savery (1650-1715) developed a "fire engine" that worked, after a fashion and as well as it could, given the time's engineering limitations. It was, however, the beam "atmospheric engine" of Thomas Newcomen (1664-1729) that harnessed steam power and made miner's lives safer.

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