The Army Staff College is the second-to-last highest building in the military building chain in the player's capital. In other regions with big cities it is the last upgrade for the military buildings in Empire: Total War.

Army Staff College

In-game picture of the Army Staff College


This institution educates soldiers in more advanced aspects of warfare, not just in the theory of tactics.

Tactics may win battles, but wars were won thanks to information, strategy and, above all, supply. An army that is unfed and lost is no use to anyone. An army staff college produces officers with the skills needed to deal with the many details involved in keeping an army in the field. Apart from an understanding of strategy, officers were taught military illustrations (the vital skill of producing accurate sketch maps and diagrams), some surveying, military law, how to behave like a young gentleman (regrettably necessary in some cases), horsemanship, weapons handling and given character-building  instruction. The end product is a man who can be an aide to a general in all situations.

Historically, the British, for example, had an inherent distrust of armies as tools of tyranny, and this may have contributed to the low priority  given to raising professional standards. Pupils had to fund their studies from their own pockets at the Royal Military College! This had an additional advantage, of course, in ensuring that only candidates from the "right" social class could afford to attend. Other nations were not so suspicious of giving soldiers necessary military skills.


  • Level 5
  • 7 Turns to Build
  • 6000 Coin


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