Ambush Tactics
Etw wc ambush tactics
Requires The Warpath Campaign DLC


Building Needed Warrior Society (Building)
Leads To None
Stream Military, Native
  • Allow all units to fire while hidden
Ambush Tactics is a Technology in Empire: Total War. It is available only with The Warpath Campaign DLC.


Used correctly, surprise is an effective weapon: ambushes can give an edge over larger enemy forces.

Understanding of the land and centuries of hunting experience have taught Native Americans many techniques they can adapt for warfare. Europeans may frown upon these ambushes and see them as cowardly and skulking, but this is probably because they work! And what general likes to admit that he as been outwitted and outclassed by mere savages?

In 1755 the British general Edward Braddock fell foul of one of the most devastating ambushes of the French and Indian War. Sent to attack the French at Fort Dequensne, Braddock made a fatal error when he took his men through a narrow valley, and was ambushed by tribesmen and their French allies. A massacre ensued, Braddock was killed, and his force lost 900 men, along with many horses and provisions.

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