Abolition of Slavery
Etw enlightenment abolition of slavery
Requires Citizenship
Building Needed Modern University
Leads To None
Stream Philosophy
  • +30% costs in constructing plantations
  • Increases National Prestige
  • Varying order of happiness depending on government type; see below
Abolition of Slavery is an enlightenment Technology in Empire: Total War.


The abolition of slavery removes the right of one man to own another, and outlaws any trade in human beings as property.

The slave trade is highly profitable for those who engage in it, whether through trade such as that from Africa to the New World, or conquests such as the depredations of European shipping by the Barbary Pirates of North Africa. The morality and necessity of slave owning, however, are disputed. Abolition of the trade has its roots in religious feelings, and in radical Enlightenment thought, but its effects are clear: a cessation of slave taking, transportation, and exploitation.

Historically, abolition was far from universally popular. William Wilderforce (1759-1833), the MP for Kingston-upon-Hull in Yorkshire, campaigned for many years in the face of bitter opposition from mercantile interests. His eventual success only outlawed slavery in British possessions and British involvement in any foreign trade. The Royal Navy acted as a "world policeman", attempting to stop the African trade at source. Oddly, English judges had already decided that slaves could become free by stepping onto British soil in 1772. Wilberforce's work was the start of a process that continues even today with attempts to stop "people trafficking".

General InformationEdit

Depending on government type, Abolition of Slavery increases happiness of lower classes by 4 (Republic), decreases happiness of nobility by 4 (Constitutional Monarchy), or does both (Absolute Monarchy). While it generates an increase to town wealth growth, it also makes constructing plantations significantly more expensive.

As it is researched so far down the Enlightenment tree, Abolition of Slavery may be invaluable in keeping the lower orders appeased, as by then clamour for reform may be otherwise unmanageable.

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