2nd Hussars
2nd Hussars
Belongs to Prussia
Type Melee Cavalry
Weapon(s) Sword
Soldiers in each unit 45
Melee Attack 13
Charge bonus 17
Defense skill 11
Morale 10
Tech requirement None
Produced from Brandenburg Gate in Brandenburg
Special abilities ­
  • Paths Seldom trod
  • Can hide in woodland
  • Inspires nearby units
  • Good stamina
  • Can form Diamond Formation
  • Can form Wedge Formation
Cost 1120 SP/910 MP
Upkeep 280
Turns to Train 1
Unit Cap 1 for the Grand Campaign; 4 in Skirmish
2nd Hussars Icon
The 2nd Hussars are a regiment of melee cavalry in Empire: Total War. They are available to Prussia with the Elite Units of the West DLC. 


These elite light cavalrymen are used for skirmishing and are some of the finest horsemen in the Prussian Army.

Hussar duties include patrolling, gathering of information and denying the enemy the freedom to do the same. They also provide the valuable service of pursuing routing enemies, and their speed makes them a useful reserve to attack any enemy unit that is about to break. Bringing about such a crisis can make the difference between victory and defeat.

Historically, hussars in Prussian service were not large men, with a maximum height of 1.67 metres, possibly the result of their largely peasant upbringing; their horses were proportionally small. Their commanding officers were, however, under no such restrictions and were drawn from among the Prussian Junkers. General Hans Joachim von Ziethen started as an infantry officer, but transferred to the dragoons when his commander took a dislike to his “squeaky voice and mean, insignificant appearance”. Possibly because of these personal qualities he developed a reputation as a duellist and dissenter. This aggressive attitude served him well when he transferred to the 2nd Hussars and he was given command. He remained with the regiment for 45 years, even after promotion to general’s rank, until his death at 87.

General InformationEdit

The 2nd Hussars are far superior to regular Hussars in almost every way. In exchange, however, they are almost twice as expensive.

Compared to Death's Head Hussars, 2nd Hussars are available much later, and have much lower defensive values; however, they make up for this somewhat with their better offensive statistics.

Under most circumstances, only one regiment may be recruited in the Grand Campaign. However, if Brandenburg declares a revolution with the Brandenburg Gate constructed, the rebelling army may spawn a 2nd Hussar unit. In such cases, it is possible to obtain more than one unit if the rebellion is successful.

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